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Report - Leicester Rubber Company - John Bull - Dunlop, Leicester - April 2013

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Some history...

"The Leicester Rubber Company was formed in 1906 by John Cecil Burton and his brother Cecil Hubert.

Initially dealing with imported cycle tyres and tubing, the Burton brothers soon decided to use external manufacturers to produce tyres for bicycles and prams under the very avian themed trade names of 'Swift' and 'Swan' - though still overseen by the Leicester Rubber Company. These trades names were in existence for a short time until the Company's patriotic 'John Bull' trade mark came into force in 1908.

It was in 1915 that the Rubber Company started to manufacture its own bicycle and pram tyres at its Evington Valley Road site in Leicester; gearing up production in 1928 to mass produce car and motorcycle tyres. The company's success led to a further name change in 1934 when the Leicester Rubber Company became the John Bull Rubber Company Ltd.

For the following two decades, the John Bull Rubber Company continued to manufacture tyres for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, prams and also tyre repair kits that were either to be found on numerous garage shelves, or if the driver was very organised - in the glove compartment.

It was in 1955 that John Bull became merged with another company, Metalastik, and thus the John Bull company name became relegated to automotive history."

Metalastik was subsequently taken over by Dunlop.

The building has recently been on the market for seven million pounds.... Movehut | Investment to Buy in Leicester

It's a very large site and a good proportion of it is derelict, although some units are still in use.


There's plenty of Metalastik, Dunlop, and more recent signage and paperwork, but this is all we could find in the whole place with John Bull on it...


Typical floor shots...




A row of toilets...


Small external walkway, the end of which has a view over the factory...



Quite a grand stairwell, probably for the Directors...



and what must have been the Board Room or Managing Directors office?...


Some old signage, not well captured...




If this was a mill these would have been weaving sheds...



Several of the items shown in previous reports were missing before we got here :freak