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Lead or Rumour info - Leicester Western park building...


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Just being nosey as I went past this place when I was walking the dog. Anyone know what it was? i cant find any info about it. Its not the Eco House, its set back a bit more than that. Thanks



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Possible or for scouts or maybe a old council type building I am going to guess though some sort of old phone line building :thumb


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Rendered brick construction with a concrete roof so likley to be C20th
Very large boarded aperture would suggest machinery had to be moved in or out at some time - transormers or standby set possibly.
Large boarded openings at the top of the main block likely to be louvred vents rather than windows if electrical equipment was in there.
Office-like annex could suggest sub-station as larger ones had a phone room (CEGB having their own phone network) / instrument room.

Photos aren't sufficient to be more positive as they show pretty much nothing.

Looking at the old maps website might give you some clues?