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Leicestershire Airfields in the Second World War

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Leicestershire Airfields in the Second World War (Airfields) (Paperback)
by Martyn Chorlton

# Paperback: 288 pages
# Publisher: Countryside Books (27 Nov 2003)
# Language English
# ISBN: 1853068004

This book gives a detailed account of the part played by each airfield in the two counties during the second world war. During this time, some twelve additional military airfields were built in the counties to support the war effort. Bottesford, Woolfox Lodge and North Luffenham, in particular, played key roles in Bomber Command operations.
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woolfox lodge eh? ... is that in lincolnshire/leicestershire???

Am currently back @ my parents on my mini tour, and have just this second been looking on flash earth, @ a site up the road, known as "woolfox depot" up until about ten years ago, the warehouses were used as part of eddie stobarts haulage, and the land behind is owned by farmers..

From google earth, u can clearly see the shape and roads of an old airfield strip and concrete runway..

Driving past the site, you can also see out buildings that would have been associated with the airfield..

can this be woolfox lodge?? if so... i may have to take a look on up there tonight.

flash earth link :


Mr Sam

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me and a mate checked out woolfox a few months back the old access is now right next to an industrial unit....and we didnt find the control tower

its just off the A1 near Stamford so buzz up/down the A1 near stamford and pull off where theres a (black?) sign saying 'woolfox depot'


know it well, i used to work security @ woolfox depot, the industrial units are for Ideal shop fitters group. on the flash earth pictures i think i have located the control tower which seems to be @ the nothern end of the airfield.. near the wooded area..

going up there v.v.soon i think ;)
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