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Report - Leighterton ROC Post - Gloucestershire Group - July 2010


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Leighterton ROC Post - Gloucestershire Group

Date Opened: May 1963
Date Closed: September 1991

The post is OPEN. The post is in a very large compound a mile or so from the village of Leighterton. According to subbrit and other reports all surface features remain; however the compound is extremely overgrown at this time of year so all we could find was the access hatch. The hatch itself has been damaged and does not close fully, and the muddy green paint is flaking.

Internally, the post is fairly dry but many items have disappeared since previous visits, including the ROC Journals, the chemical toilet and a sign. However, enough remains to make it interesting - heaps of aircraft magazines, paperwork, fire blanket, a couple of mattresses and a map. I understand that the interior FSM point at this post is very unusual.

The access hatch:


And down the shaft:


Into the monitoring room:



The unusual FSM attachment:


Metar Report forms, flight magazines and a tin of vaseline:




The asbestos fire blanket, still rolled up in it's case:


And finally the map (showing places where aircraft can refuel, no idea why this was down here):


Joe and I visited this post just after visiting the Dursley post. It's the first '91 closure that I have actually been inside, and it did not disappoint. One thing I will say is that it's probably easier to visit in winter - the nettles are head height, and the bees living in the bee-hives within the compound do not take kindly to visitors.

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