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Report - Leopold Fortress, France - October 2017


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This fortress was constructed by the Germans from 1907-1914. It served German soldiers during the First World War but saw little action. Then it was occupied by the French between 1919 & 1940, where it was incorporated into the maginot line for WW2. After the departure of French troops in June 1940, the German army took back the fort. On September 2, 1944, it was declared a fortress of the Reich by Hitler. The stronghold must therefore be defended until the last extremity by German troops, whose chiefs all took an oath to the Führer. In October 1944, the fort was captured by the American 3rd Army in the Battle of Metz.

Definitely one of the best military sites I've visited yet. Amazing to think it served both WW1 & WW2 yet remains in such good condition today. There are dozens of murals dating back over a century, and 1,700m of tunnels connecting various sections. I had to be dragged away as I could have spent a week in here. Visited with @Maniac, @extreme_ironing and Andy W.

"Flourish German fatherland"

"Cameroon child in Munich" / "Man does not agree"

"Booze kills, so do not drink so much!" (or something to that effect....)

"Beautiful is the recruit life"

"Whoever quarrels or rushes gets the hell out of it" (dodgy translation I think....)

"May God punish England"

Thanks for looking y'all​


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Another amazing report Mr Raw. All those untouched murals are incredible. This place is a historical gem and you've captured it wonderfully as you do with all the places you visit.

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What a great place. Loving the murals. Your photos do capture this place very well. I love your work :D


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I'd really like to do a trip and have a poke round a few of these! It's a bit of a journey for me at the moment mind..


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How odd, I was literally here on Friday! It is a great place.

Did you make it to the Eastern fighting block with the turrets on top?