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Report - Leri mill, Talybont, Wales. June 2014.


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Visited this great little site with Will Knot who insisted on starting the day at what felt like 2.30am :D

Cheers for driving Will :thumb sorry you got done for speeding on the way home also :(
We visited a good few sites this day and We should have found a B&B to make it a two day trip due to travel times.

It was very enjoyable to see a workplace that just looks like they shut the door 34 years ago and only nature had taken place.

A bit'o' histories n that:

By 1809 a water driven carding engine was in use at Tal-y-bont where Thomas
Morgan from the Caersws district of Montgomeryshire established the Leri
Mills. He leased land from the Gogerddan Estate together with the building
known as the Old Mill. Undoubtedly the Old Mill referred to in the
deeds was the fulling mill which had been in existence in Tal-y-bont from
the early C17.
By 1835 the Leri Mills had carding engines , fulling stocks, a hand mule for
spinning, together with a number of hand looms. Some of these looms were
available for outside weavers, an entry in the account book for Leri Mills
in 1841 reads ;
" Thos Williams, wever. 9 weeks for use of loom--2s.6d.".
Thomas Morgan also employed a number of outworkers who wove yarn, spun at
the mill, on hand looms in their homes. These weavers lived in an extensive
area stretching from Penrhyn-coch in the south to Corris in the north.
Most of the flannel was sold locally, to both farmers and lead miners, or
sold at fairs at Aberystwyth, Machynlleth, or Tal-y-bont.
Some of the spinners employed at the Leri Mills in the 1830s and 1840s,
using the same hand mule as is used today[1968] were paid a piece rate
wage, the average earnings being 10 shillings a week. Others were paid a
fixed wage, an entry in 1844 reads ;
" May 15th 1844--Edward Roberts , Spinner. Hired until May 17th[1845] for
six shillings a week."


2. If it wasn't for this tree we'd have got wet or had a bit of a walk.










Thanks for looking Telf..


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Nice! :thumb

Looks like it's in a really picturesque place.

At first glance I thought those spools of thread in the 3rd shot were a pile of old RPG rounds! :D

Will Knot

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Yep....nice little explore that mate....great day out :)

Could have been better tho', nearly breakin' my ankle and a speeding ticket......:rolleyes:

Nice report and pics there young un' :thumb


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Thanks for the comments guy's :thumb


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Lol, I'll look forward to them, :thumb


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Nice ones mate :thumb

Some nice pictorage going on there :)

Missed this for some reason ? And Wills still after sympathy for his foot ;)

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