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My name is Jeff
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Leri Mill was almost as preserved as it's smaller sibling, Ceulan Mill just down the road. Perched on the banks of Afon Leri sits a treasure trove of goodness. A roof and a couple of the floors had gone in, although there was still machinery to be seen, as well as other, what appeared to be more recent additions to the buildings, including a retro fridge and other electricals.

Can't find much on this place, it was operational during the 18th century, later put up for sale, opened as a museum and then sadly dissappeared into the undergrowth, sat waiting for anyone willing to trudge through the thorn-filled undergrowth. I'm not sure we saw the whole thing, as looking at other people's reports, there was some machinery we didn't see as well as some coloured woolen spindles we didn't see either. Still a really good explore, with some ancient treasures to behold once inside. There appears to be one (the uppermost) building, that someone has put into use as a storage shed, we could see modern chainsaws, gardening equipment etc, obviously not used on the mill.

As stupid as this sounds, these were one of the first sets of pictures I ever took doing 'above ground' photography, not the long exposure stuff i'm used to. Not the best shots but they give a good idea of what's to be found within












My name is Jeff
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Liking the first pic, a lot. Did you do the 3rd mill? That was my fave one out of the 3.
Nice set of shots :thumb
We found this and Ceulan, I think we may have missed a building here. It was a bit of a rushed addition to the trip but we could have easily spent a few more hours looking around :)

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I heard the floor had gone, first time I've seen a picture of it though. BTW, what was the month and year of this report please?

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