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Report - Leri Tweed Mill, Ceredigion - June 2015


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Early June, @tumbles and I did a mini "epic-derp" tour around north/mid wales for his Birthday. The mills in Ceredigion are up there as being my favourite places that we saw that weekend; Leri Tweed is a real gem.


Leri Tweed mill was one of a few water powered mills in Ceredigion, Wales. The mill is said to be built in 1962 on the site of an old furnace which smelted the lead from local lead mines. The mill itself stopped production in 1958 when the UK became a net cotton importer and the general demise of the industry put paid to over 800 mills. When they were closed the mills were bought by Mr J Hughes and his wife and they functioned as a local attraction.


In 1970 Leri mill came under pressure for the use of water from local river and the Hughes were asked to pay for a water licence as well as the 135.5 million gallons of water that the mill used. Despite saying that the site was of historic importance and that the water was only diverted the fine was never removed.


The mills continued to be used as a tourist attraction until 1980 when they finally closed; in the August of 1981 they put the whole site, including a 6 bedroom house, the two tweed mills, a craft shop and 14 acres of land around the river bank with shooting & fishing rights, for sale at a guide price £150,000 - the reasons given by the Hughes were that neither of their sons were interested in running the sites. The site was never sold.













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Personally I would go back. We went to two of the mills in the area but there's more. There's also a variety of derelict buildings between the south west and there so a return trip wouldn't be just for a mill. Leri Tweed is just a 1 room building (technically there's an office too but it's like a mtre squared) so going there just for the mill may be a tad disappointing.

If you fancy it I can provide you a tourist brochure. ;)


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Yes. There are the other ones associated with the same mill at the top of the bank too which people seem to miss.
The owners a bit more grumpy these days. Apparently I caused a family feud by posting incorrect information.. that came from newpaper clippings.

I'm convinced there could be a few more mills along the length of the river, it's just how accessable parts of it are.

NIce Pics.. another trip is required up this way :)

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