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Report - Leri Tweed Mill, Talybont, Mid Wales, Aug 17

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Leri Tweed Mill, Talybont, Mid Wales


Another one from our recent Wales trip, as said in the Tower report a much overdue road trip. The Talybont Mills where put on the radar for a stop off between South and North Wales, the idea to do coal in the south one day and slate in the north having a days traveling between. Neither @BoroLad or I are massively into our mills, I've done a couple in the past but they're not my thing really, heavy industry is what we're into! Fortunately we have the likes of Tweek and JST doing a pretty impressive job of covering the fabrics trade. I have to say though this place is a little gem, it's tiny, slightly larger than a double garage but full to the brim with excellent photo opportunities.

Oh and of course at some point I had to see that Mill Wheel, Pure Victorian Porn.



I'm not going to lie, I'm not really gen'd up on the history of this place, but from what I've heard the mill was preserved as a museum until the 1980's when the museum closed, sadly leaving the mill in a state of abandonment and decay. Before the museum it would have been a locally operated mill, processing wool from sheep on local farms into products for sale. It's mad to think that this mill was operating pretty much as it would have done in the Victorian times barring the installation of a diesel engine to replace the water wheel in running belts right up until the 1980's!


Like I said, the place is tiny, but it is such a beauty, a photographers paradise.


As said in the write up, all the Victorian era machinery is belt driven, originally from the water wheel before the installation of a small diesel engine. I'm not entirely sure why you'd stop using the wheel in all honesty, must have been quieter and cheaper, surely?


Lot's of product left behind...



Sadly, I have a feeling this little mill may not be around for too much longer, the roof's in a dire state...


I guess it's all part of the importance of this work, capturing our industrial sites before they're all gone!

Appears me and @BoroLad weren't the only Yorkshire folk a fair way from home in the mill...


Bradford built machines as well, as seen here in the form of this George Hodgson LTD equipment.



Left half complete after all these years...


That's all from here, it's another tourist trail one I know but as explained the whole trip was just our opportunity to catch up on some Welsh classics!

Hope you enjoyed,
TAW :)​



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Another great set of pictures, the colours really stand out amongst the greenery of the place :)

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Cheers fellas, good to see an old thread come back up, in answer to the question we did take an interest in the three mills in Talybont, however we decided to move on and hit some stuff on Anglesey as this was just a short stop off on what was predominantly a colliery/mines trip... This was never intended to be a in depth report on the river, just the individual building.

I never did a report on the place but this is what we rushed off to see... Interesting little mine, may put it up now I have a little leave from work!



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Such a great little place this. I had a look at the middle ones when I went but for the effort involved getting in at the time it didn't look worth it. The one down the road in the village was awesome tho!

Top report and pics as always mate.