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Report - Les Catacombes de Paris 18-19/02/07


I should have danced all night
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a.k.a. 28trainslater (after having to choose between spending a night at Waterloo station or taking a million different trains just to get back to Bath)

Well, what an amazing trip! You can read so many reports of this place but nothing can prepare you for what it's actually like-although not necessarily recommended for those suffering from jetlag and possibly setting a personal record of being in three major capital cities in less than 12 hours-ouch:eek:

I met OT and Tank at Waterloo to take the Eurostar to Gare du Nord where we commandeered one of the train tables with OT's giantantic map and squished some poor old guy up against the window-it was funny to see his face when we loudly talked about climbing tower cranes and various brushes with security:p Arrived at Gare du Nord, popped the wonderpill, stocked up on chocolate and water and started the long walk to our destination. I have to admit, I was really nervous about this trip and I absolutley hate waders and am possibly crippled for life but it was worth every minute for what it was like down there:thumb

We covered all the tourist attractions (spurred on by a never-ending supply of Jolly Ranchers) as well as crossing off some less well-known rooms off the to-do list. We met a few other friendly cataphiles and slept on a surprisingly comfy bit of rock (made comfy by OT thankfully lending me his sleeping bag in exchange for my half-arsed attempt at overnight gear whichh consisted of several stolen airplane blankets):rolleyes:

Huge thanks must go to OT for organising the trip and navigating our way round. Thanks must also go to Tank for providing the best quotes of the trip too!

“It's like the goat room but without the goats“

“I feel like a KitKat“ (whilst we were lying side by side wrapped in foil thermal blankets)

Oh yeah and Tank and OT finished off the fun by eating an ostrich:eek:


flower room

Foxy's memorial



it had to be done:rolleyes:



new shelter bit

and finally, the cube room

(image size has gone bonkers:( :crazy )