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Report - Les Raccordements du Metro, 1


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In addition to the many abandoned stations the system has what are known as Les Raccordements, or just raccords. As the name suggests they're linking tunnels, which span between lines to enable easy movement of trains from line to line. They seem to be mainly used for work trains traversing the system and for storing unused trains. Raccords are convenient for explorers, as like the trains, we could lay up there for a while and wait for the system to close, or simply avoid the busiest stations by working from line to line.

ligne 4

ligne 7

kicking back near the eiffel tower

ligne 6

Almost all of the raccord tunnels are small, single track affairs with bits of litter scattered around or stacks of spare materials and components. In our experience passengers don't drive through these tunnels, consequently there is much less graffiti to see - the raccords simply aren't a target for the writers. Since so little traffic passes these tunnels they're treated like rest spots, after hectic and nail biting runs on live track. Raccords are where one can chill out and hear trains moving through the major tunnels, passing every few minutes in peak hours then further and further apart as the service winds down. It's worth noting not to get too comfortable though, lest a lumbering work train interrupt your nap.

We covered most of the raccords in the system but they're fairly repetitive and today security is increasing on these quiet little tunnels. As always one must ask, is anyone watching the cameras?

ligne 5

ligne i don't recall

qx relaxing near raccord after service

active track at end of raccord