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Report - Lewis’ Building / Primark, Manchester – October 2010


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With the talk of OneByOne back at home he met up with Sui and drove over to my flat, It didn’t start to well as the night before my Olympus had broken. This meant I was using a borrowed D70 which was pretty shite and half way through the night turned out to have a dirty sensor when I wanted to take some pictures. Only 22 days till my camera comes back...

We went out in search of hotels and after a short run up some stairs after setting an alarm off we gave up, After a brief stop at the Spar we were then sat infront of the Primark sign on their rooftop. As things played out we found more than what we bargained for such as the ballroom which I thought was a myth.

The Manchester Lewis’ store closed its doors in 1991 leaving only the Liverpool store open, This itself has now ceased selling as of this year. The Liverpool store was first opened in 1856 as a Men/Boys clothing store, 21 years later the Manchester store was also opened.

After the 1996 Manchester bombing in Manchester, space in Lewis's was rented to Marks & Spencer which they moved into in 1999. A few years after this the shop were losing money and in a final attempt to revive itself TK Maxx were invited to trade from the basement floor. The Manchester branch eventually closed in 2001 and is now owned by Primark.

The company Engineered Building Services are currently removing the vast amount of asbestos from the building, Many of our routes were blocked while wandering around inside because of this. They are also fitting lighting, alarm systems, wiring and telephone cables into the 7,500sq ft of space on the top three floors. This work is budgeted at £1.1 million with a time span of 20 weeks...











Big up OneByOne & Sui my partners in crime, it was good to see them again. Cheers Gone...​


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