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Lead or Rumour info - Lewis’s flooded basement gondola ride PHOTO REQUIRED

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28DL Full Member
Afternoon all. I’m on the hunt of a photograph I know exists. I’ve searched high and low but still struggling to find it so I’m reaching out here in the hope someone else has seen this image making it more than just an urban myth.

Lewis’s department store in Manchester once flooded it’s basement (or sub basement) and filled it with gondolas for the public to ride on, from my digging it’s possible this was an accidental flooding caused by the river Tib and Lewis’s tried to market it as an attraction, anyhow, I’ve seen this photo but can I locate it? Nope!

I’ve tried multiple Facebook pages and Manchester archive Sites but can’t find it?

the actual image would be epic but possible links to lesser commonly used archives / sites would be greatly appreciated.


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28DL Member
I too am interested in this, and would love to see a photo,as i am interested in little venice that was an attraction in rhyl queens and wondered if there was a connection
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