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Report - Leybourne Grange - Kent - April 2010


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I'd wanted to check this place out ever since hearing about it, and it didn't disappoint, even though it's not what it once was, as most of the hospital buildings have gone, including the main hall, pool and engineering section.

There are at least twenty villas left, and wandering along the estate road with these abandoned houses on both sides is quite a surreal experience. It's like an anti-suburb! :)

I had a wonderful explore, although it finished a little early as I was losing sunlight. I did hear a shout at one point on my way out, but I've no idea who it was, nor did I see them, or any of the highvis security bikes. I plan to go back to scout out the rest of the site and update this post as and when.

I'm trying and put up pictures that don't overlap the previous threads too much for variety. There are more on my flickr link if you want to see the rest.


Hawley Manor House

The History Bit

This site has been covered here many times - see the links at the bottom for other threads with full history, not much point rehashing it all here.

Some key facts: The estate was based around the manor house, and only later sold off and extended into the "colony for mental defectives" - that probably means us, right there! ;) Reading comments from former staff and patients is very interesting (see the link at the bottom). It seems it was not a happy place much of the time, with reports of patient mistreatment and other things.

The Site & Buildings Bit

The site is currently undergoing redevelopment into "Birling Grange" - modern housing in other words. This means that during the week there is builders and security onsite. It's a pretty sizable site.

Pretty much all of the hospital buildings have been demolished. The mansion and clocktower are the centrepiece of the site and are listed - they will be redeveloped into flats apparently. The large nurses accomodation block, and most of the other villas still remain, though they have been almost completely cleared out in preparation for demolition.

Mansion House - The interiors are almost completely dark, and the state of the interiors is very poor - holes in the floors in places, and the upstairs floors do not feel sound at all. Looking up at the ceilings from underneath doesn't inspire much confidence either! There is flood and mould damage. The basement is dry but very mouldy. Fascinating place - I loved the odd little tiny winding staircase along one corridor up to a very small door set about ten feet into the wall.

Redevelopment of this will be no small task.

Clock Tower - sealed up pretty tight on my vist, so did not get a chance to peek in. Beautiful building though.

Shed Buildings - mostly for estate upkeep, just sheds and a little rotting portacabin. The sheds are full of all sorts of stuff, documents and rubbish mostly.

Garden House - No idea what this was used for, and also didn't get a chance to explore yet.

Nurses Block - this building is massive - four floors, loooong corridors. Pay attention to the ground floor rooms which have had their flooring removed and are thus just covered in hundreds of sticking up nails.

Villas - The villas are mostly just copies of the same design, usually with different coloured paintwork (pinks, purples, greens, yellows - typically hospital colours). They have been stripped internally so there's very little exciting here, although the upper floors are not boarded and so let in lot of natural light - nice for piccies.

The Pictures Bit

Various villas, all identical in layout




As far as the eye can see!


The house at the bottom of the garden


Someone's for it!


"Stuff in this cupboard is from dead people - please don't steal it!"




Basement tunnels


This guy was also in the main hall - he gets around!


Naughty gardener's chair


Might come in handy. The beginning bit is all about the Millennium Bug - something tells me this place has more than that to worry about!

The More Info Bit

Full Flickr set

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Other links

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The Blatant Plugging Bit
Other reports from me to date: St. Augustines Asylum - Chartham 2010

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Thanks for reading!


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