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Report - Lighting Tower, Basford - March 2014


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I drive past these towers every week and had often thought about climbing one, I decided that one of these would make a nice school night solo. My original choice of tower was a no-go, there was just too many people knocking about, so I headed for my "back-up" tower. This tower is one on the very fringe of the marshalling yard that these towers illuminate. As sod's law would have it this particular tower had a 6600 volt sub-station sat underneath it. Undeterred I quickly surmounted the fence and began to climb. Something I didn't realise whilst climbing the ladders up was that the tower is swaying in the wind, it wasn't until I reached the platform at the top that I felt it.

There isn't many pictures as there wasn't really much to see from that tower but also the lights were in the way of most things and getting a tripod to stand up on open mesh decking is pretty hard going.



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