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Question - lighting


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I had a go at light painting and found my caving lamp too weak and too red. But I cannot be doing with LED which makes everything look hard and blue.
Here is a false floor lighted by filament:

And the same with some help from my mate's LED lamp:

Do I need to carry a powerful torch or can I get more from the FX3 by setting up the camera better?

The Kwan

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The last one looks better to me but perhaps the best option would be to make the exposure longer and persevere with your caving lamp, failing that shoot in raw and alter the colour temperature, white balance or both.

Oxygen Thief

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The colour of the light doesn't matter, you can adjust that in something as simple as picasa. To get more light, the cheap option is to take a longer exposure and use a larger aperture. Failing that, get a Lenser P7.

You'll find that 90%+ of the underground pictures here are taken with LED torches. It's your camera setup at fault, interpreting the light as 'too cold'.


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28DL Full Member
Shoot RAW, adjust WB in post, using Lightroom or one of the many free options available. Even if you can't shoot RAW, you can get away with adjusting the WB without much of a negative effect.