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Report - Lillesden school for girls- hawkhurst nov12 revisited feb13

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When you start out looking for places to visit. some just capture your imagination. Lillesden was such a place! You see all the pictures of the great architecture and amazing graffiti and you have to go check it out! So i paid my first visit in nov last year. it was about a 50 min drive but was well worth it. I guess most people who go there must wonder how the f**k can a building like this end up in such a state, rotten floorboards and collapsed ceilings made for some interesting footwork! The inside was a mess but there was still plenty to see and the graff was just as good as i hoped:)
As my reports are a few months out of date i have been trying to revisit them if i can so i ventured back to Hawkhurst this month expecting to see some major improvements due to all the builders that id read about being on site, unfortunately things have just got worse, no renovations have taken place! All i could see was that the conservatory windows have been boarded up which is a massive shame:mad
Still not a bad place to visit as it is like an Art Gallery in there and you kind of get the impression that your'e not alone when your in there if you know what i mean:)! The last two photos show how things have been boarded up

A little history
The Lillesden school for girls in Hawkhurst Kent was originally built in the 1850s by a Banker called Edward Loyd, after the war it was sold and became Lillesden school for girls. It did change its name later to Bedgebury school and is supposed to be haunted by a small boy! The school closed in 1999

some pics











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