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Report - Lillesden School Hawkhurst Kent (Jan 2015)


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This is our first report and incidentally the first time we went on an explore together. Unfortunately as I'm sure you're all aware this site is / has been converted to residential and by the time we arrived only the outer school buildings were still accessible.

Bit of brief history first: The school was built in 1855 and served as a school between 1918 and 1999, eventually closing its doors to students due to a culmination of poor student intake, poor demand for all-girls schools and a merger which went wrong. During its later years it was known as the Lower Bedgebury School and I can actually remember the disbelief in the local area that it was to shut its doors. Nevertheless it did and it became part of a multitude of abandoned sites in Hawkhurst; many of which have been redeveloped. It's claims to fame are boasting Trinny Woodall as an alumni and also being a filming location for Doctor Who.

I'm not sure if we were the last people to visit the site as it was pretty far gone. I'm certain that it only had a few months left at most. So I won't bore you with our entrance or anything but it all was tame and easy until we realised our idea that builders wouldn't work Sundays wasn't actually true. Not entirely sure if we were seen at the end or if they just ignored us.

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