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Report - Lillesden School, Hawkhurst, Kent. October 2013


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This is my first report, of a trip to Hawkhurst with Edr1ck

Brief description of the site [Pasted from Nelly's report]...Lillesden School for Girls occupies what used to be the Lillesden Estate Mansion, built at the estate (south of Hawkhurst) by the banker Edward Loyd, who co-founded the Loyd Entwistle & Co bank, which later became the District Bank and ultimately the National Westminster (Natwest). Loyd had Lillesden Mansion built after he married Caroline Louisa Foster on the 12th March 1846 at Ashton-on-Mersey. He bought the Lillesden estate at Hawkhurst, Kent in 1853 and built the mansion, finished in 1855.

Although fencing surrounds the entire perimeter of the land, access to the site was straightforward. The building is apparently under construction, without much actually being done, scaffolding is present around the majority of the shell. The condition of the house is slowly getting worse in comparison to some of the older reports yet still provides a really interesting explore, with the underlying beauty and character of the place still present. We literally were in and out within 45 minutes and covered a good deal of the building, but we were cut short just prior to us entering the basement when we spotted someone walking up toward the premises.

Apologies for the poor iPhone photo's, I am getting my DSLR back in action this week as the lens was broken...also realise the need to resize images within photoshop next time, again will have access to the software very soon.

Garden Fountain

Porch way





The elusive haunted basement

Also a little extra update on Hawkhurst (Babie's) Castle which lies just down the road from Lillesden School, for anyone interested. The building has been secured pretty well for the casual unprepared person...nature is truly reclaiming this site, hopefully get to check it out in future.



Learnt a hell of a lot this weekend with us also taking in St. Augustines Asylum in Chartham, the site has been absolutely trashed and other than some graffiti pics etc there's not much left to report on sadly. But we have learnt a lot with regards to staying together and establishing a good routine regarding spotting security/other people which we achieved with infiltration and escape on all 3 occasions. Learning to keep quiet, leaving no traces of presence, etc...it really did inspire us to research more into UrbanEx and we are already planning our next mission.


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