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Report - Lincoln Bathhouse/Police HQ, Saratoga 09/09



Second report, again it is spa themed.

Could not dig up alot of history about this place, there is a small portion of the building at the back that still exsists as a mineral bath house, but the original courtyard and indoor pools are now gone. The building has been the Saratoga Police HQ for the last 15 years. Which made it interesting! Basically I just walked in, nobody was at reception so I just kept on going and hoped for the best! I had a quick look around then took a few photos, before I could get the courtyards, the old phone booths and even attempt to get into the bath wing, I got caught :( and got told to bugger off.

In all it's glory, back in t'day...

Good to see the exterior has not changed a bit :)

Lots of natural light...

View down main corridor to the bath wings. The three wooden doorways to each side are the old mahogany phone booths.

There were four drinking fountains placed along the main corridor, from each a different mineral water flowed. This one would have been sulphar water as it still smelt eggy as hell!

A cheeky snap of the 'upsidedown-smiley-door' on the way out :)

Many appologies for the lack of photos, I shall have another go next time im over. I really want to see the baths!! I might even invest in some office clothes to blend in, he he he.