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Report - Lincoln Cathedral, Lincolnshire - August 2011.


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Site: Lincoln Cathedral, Lincolnshire

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History: Lincoln Cathedral has taken centuries to build. Over many years its form has been altered according to fashion, politics and people. The building is the beautiful result of many influences of architectural process.

The first cathedral was started in 1072. It was in the shape of a cross – the Christian symbol – with the entrance at the west and the altar at the east. This Norman building style gave the West end an almost fortress-like appearance. The two west towers had steep pyramidal roofs. The arches over the west front were low and rounded.

A fire in 1141 severely damaged the roof, leading to much restoration. The original flat timber ceilings were replaced with stone vaults. A carved frieze was inserted above the central doorway depicting the punishments that would be the fate of sinners.

After more damage caused by the earthquake of 1185, a major reconstruction of the cathedral began. Rebuilding started at the east end with an apse and five radiating chapels. The nave was built during the first half of the 13th century in the Early English Gothic style. Technological advances in architecture at this time made the most of pointed arches, flying buttresses and ribbed vaulting to allow larger windows. The double arcading (syncopated arcading) along the outer walls of the choir aisles is an unusual example of the Early English style. Against the wall are arches in relief with a second layer in front giving the illusion of a passageway along the wall. The remains of the Norman west end were incorporated into the Gothic west front we see today.

The collapse of the central tower in the 1230s prompted another rebuilding of the east end. A suitable shrine was needed for St. Hugh Bishop of Lincoln and so the Angel Choir was built. This used high arches, fine, detailed carvings and huge expanses of stained glass to give an impression of light and richness. The European-style apse was extended into a Celtic-influenced square ended chancel.

In the 14th century the central tower was raised and topped with a lead-covered spire, making it the tallest building in Europe. The Choir Screen was also added at this time. Used then as a pulpit, it is in the Decorated style of dense, intricate carvings which would have been brightly painted.

The focus of new building in the 15th century turned to chantry or memorial chapels. The chapels next to the Angel Choir were built in the Perpendicular style, with an emphasis on strong vertical lines, seen most markedly in the window tracery and wall panelling.

Each century since has seen repairs and changes in how the parts of the cathedral were used, but the Cathedral as we know it is complete.
Source: Lincoln Cathedral | Present: Forsaken & Horus

Watching a new episode of Top Gear, their travels brought them to the City of Lincoln. Lincoln Cathedral, one of the finest medieval buildings in Europe, stood imposing on the skyline as the camera panned the city. The gothic West Front resembled a fortress - one with scaffolding gracing its exterior. An opportunity to climb Lincoln Cathedral presented itself and Horus was in.

01. Lincoln Cathedral as viewed from Lincoln Castle:

Unbeknown to us was how long ago the film was made and whether the scaffolding would still be in situ. Consequently, the cathedral was high priority and we made the journey south the following weekend. Up close and personal, the scaffolding remained and a plan was devised. With a break in traffic, we climbed past the cctv adorning the hoardings and ventured upwards out of sight.

02. On the southern choir roof with south transept on left:

03. Looking south down Broadgate:

04. St Hugh of Lincoln Roman Catholic Church:

The never ending task of maintaining the Cathedral falls to the works department. Lincoln Cathedral has the second largest Cathedral works department in England. The 27 staff include stonemasons, carvers, stained glass window conservators, stone conservators, leadworkers, engineers, carpenters and joiners.

05. What nightmares are made of:

06. Monkey:

07. My personal favourite, the dragon:

''I have always held and am prepared against all evidence to maintain that the cathedral of Lincoln is out and out the most precious piece of architecture in the British Isles and roughly speaking worth any two other cathedrals we have.''
- John Ruskin (1819-1900)

08. Looking west toward Lincoln Castle:

09. The heart of historic Lincoln:

10. In the 14th century the central tower was raised and topped with a lead-covered spire, making it the tallest building in Europe:

Atop of a cathedral nearly one thousand years old, it's only natural to check the façade for a way in. At the top of the south west turret with the Statue of St. Hugh above us, a small door was held shut by a single piece of rope. Heading down the turrets spiral staircase in darkness, we were inside the cathedral and it was eerily quiet. With the door to the Nave locked, Horus caught some sleep and three hours later we headed out to be met with dawn breaking over Lincoln.

11. Dawn over Lincoln Cathedral:

We made two trips to Lincoln Cathedral during August; one of which was on the anniversary of Solomon's death one year earlier. I'd like to dedicate this one to Solomon (1980 - 2010).

Thank you for looking. More photographs to follow from Horus


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Was a great explore,Nice one dedicating it to Sol, he would be Proud to have done this and thanks again to TopGear :)
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