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Report - Lincoln County Hospital, Lincolnshire, January 2011


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Lincoln County Hospital is located in Lincoln, Lincolnshire. It is the district general hospital and has a major accident emergency service. The hospital is over 200 years old but has been subject to development over the years with a major rebuild over the last 20 years.

The hospital was founded in 1768 and located in a rented house somewhere in the parish of St Swithins in Lincoln. This was a temporary measure as a site was soon purchased for a purpose built hospital on Drury Lane in 1774 and was opened in 1777. The hospital grew as demand for its services increased.

To meet with the ever expanding knowledge of medicine and health care it became clear that a new site was needed. A site on Sewell road was selected and purchased in 1875 and work began soon after. Alexander Graham designed the hospital in a three story pavilion style with a chapel and it was finished by 1878 to open soon after. A fever block was added in 1885 and an outpatients department in 1891. Alterations and a new Nurse's block were designed by William Watkins in 1914.

The hospital expanded through out the 20th century and covers a huge area. New wards, operating theaters and ancillary buildings have been added, only to become disused, demolished and then replaced in an effort to keep the hospital as modern as possible. The hospital has the unique feel of old and modern combined at present but the old styles are giving way to the new modern buildings.

The vast majority of the hospital closed in the mid to late 1990's, although parts remain live to this day.

The Visit

Another early start with two targets for the day, the first stop was Lincoln County Hospital, following on from our initial access fail we had to go for a more direct style, which included legging it through 'E.T's layer' and straight to the top floor.

The asbestos contractors were clocking up the overtime and were very vocal through out our trip, which made for quite a nervy couple of hours.

Visited with HiddenShadow and only2eyes

The Photos




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