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Lead or Rumour info - Lindford Park Nurshing Home - Hampshire


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To sum up the article above for those that can't be arsed to read it, Linford Park Nursing home used to house up to 100 people although this number was drastically lower by the time imigration authorities raided it back in July 2010. Since then it has stood empty.

I had a little scout about earlier today, the place is huge and appears to be in great nick, the downside is that there's a fair few cameras about - and not the ones that resemble the cereal box fakes.

Anyone feeling brave? ;)

ps appologies for the title spelling. It doesn't have a 'd' in it!
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Will have to keep an eye on this. I have a feeling it's going to be watched for long while and won't be truly abandoned for years to come.. if it doesn't get converted into regular housing.


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sod the cameras if there is an open window then go thru it you done nothing wrong. dont know till you try it !


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Went up and had a good look at this place today, no chance getting in, it's locked down pretty tight, CCTV is there...whether its active or not I'm not sure but they look quite new, little black IR ones. There was a car parked up out the front of the building which i'm assuming is secca or some sort of caretaker. Had a good look along the whole of the back of the site, looking through the windows theres nothing of any interest in there, a few beds and empty cupboards, all depending on your personal tastes I suppose. Wouldn't waste your time.

Hannah Louise Trunwitt

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Yeah may be a bit late, but my mate owns it. There's security guards 24/7 now, and from what I've heard the CCTV is on all the time. Thought I'd give you a heads up.
Went round some of it and of what I saw it's beautiful.


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Went to have a look at the site yesterday. Still in great condition with Some of the rooms looking like they're still lived in. I managed to get access into a few rooms but then set an alarm off and left. The security turned up shortly after.

leanne b

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just to let ppl know I'm on my way bk from linford park I got a shock to find the place has been destroyed graffiti all over the place the residents belongings smashed up and cleaning chemicals poured everywhere. after driving 5 hours we were disgusted by people's utter cheek and no regard to the place. they also put on the walls they were "urBen exploring " it gives us all a bad name the food poured everywhere and electricity and fire alarms ripped apart. so heads up don't go unless you want to see a utter trashed care home also the mini bus had been smashed and attempted to be stolen as well as the windows have Been put through . it was upsetting seeing people's belongings just raided and have no respect destroying letters and clothes. no electricity as they ripped all the copper and just sickening excuse of vile cretins that are call human. faith in the human race has utterly been let down.

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