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I just learned about this today and thought I would share. If you store your photos on google, you will probably access them here: https://photos.google.com

If you want to link to them in order to display them on the forum, Google don't make it easy.

X The Share icon produces a link like this, which doesn't work:

X Right-click the image > Copy Image Location produces a link like this, which is massive and will affect the word count in your report:
w800 and h536 is thedisplay size in pixels, no means do not allow resizing.

1. Go to https://get.google.com/albumarchive/ and Right-click the image > Copy Image Location > get a smaller link like this:
w800 and h536 is the display size in pixels.

2. You can edit the numbers after w and h, or just delete =w800-h540.

3. Use the Preview button before posting.

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