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I just learned about this today and thought I would share. If you store your photos on google, you will probably access them here: https://photos.google.com

If you want to link to them in order to display them on the forum, Google don't make it easy.

X The Share icon produces a link like this, which doesn't work:

X Right-click the image > Copy Image Location produces a link like this, which is massive and will affect the word count in your report:
w800 and h536 is thedisplay size in pixels, no means do not allow resizing.

1. Go to https://get.google.com/albumarchive/ and Right-click the image > Copy Image Location > get a smaller link like this:
w800 and h536 is the display size in pixels.

2. You can edit the numbers after w and h, or just delete =w800-h540.

3. Use the Preview button before posting.


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So Google decided to make photos private by default, and only allow sharing with people who have a direct link to your album. It doesn't affect photos posted while Picasa was still going, just anything after the switch to Google Photos.

This means that all reports I posted since that change no longer show my photos. The links are valid if you have permission but pics don't show in the forum.

Does anyone know how to fix this , short of editing my reports?

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