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Report - Lion Brickworks (Scalford) March2017


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Just another quick report from me for today, must admit the photos of this place barely even show what it looks like at all - other posts do that just fine - as I aim mostly for shots that please me from an artistic standpoint.

I couldn't find much on this at all, but this is lifted lovingly from @KM_Punk (thanks!)
"Opened as 'The Lion Brickworks' in 1875, it played an important part in the economy in the local area. The whole site is located very close to the local quarry line which provided links to local quarries and nearby Melton Mowbray. The influence of these brickworks can still be seen in Scalford itself with a house built by the owner, called Lion House. Unfortunately the brickworks ceased production in the 1930's. Since then it looks as though it has been used as a storage facility as there a containers of onions that. They smell like they went out of date before I was born."

Another easy explore, once again on the locations map and easy to access! Some old buildings present, most of which are fairly boring inside, but not a bad way to spend some time! On to the photos!

Here's a pleasing stack of tiles, a fairly cliched shot, but it's still a nice angle.

An old drum, and some canisters of some sort

The world's scariest "go away" sign I've ever seen!!!

Some old caution tape, knotted on neighbouring trees

One of the older brick buildings

And a different angle of that same blinding

Thanks for viewing!! Sorry there isn't that much to be seen!