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Lead or Rumour info - Liquid Envy - Redhill, Surrey


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28DL Full Member
I went there a month ago, access was simple, the lower floor has started to be stripped out but upper floors not much had been changed. Was a good explore but was unable to get pictures as didn't want to be seen from outside. Well worth a look :)


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Yeh, then again you would think theres more than one explorer within spitting distance of Redhill who would go and take some anyway?.. No?

Apparently not!


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I'm not far away but not really interested in going to an old nightclub.

Went there when it was open and it was shit :)


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28DL Full Member
Er...? Use natural light, not flash. If there's no natural light there's no windows to be seen through when light painting.
I went there at around midnight there is no natural lighting in there, the lower floor windowns are covered but none others are so a flash or tourch could be seen from outside ?..

I do plan do visit again, but workmen there most days so will give it a go on Sunday if anyones up for joining me i can show you the way... My camera is not that great so would be good to take someone who has some decent equipment so get some good shots in there for you guys..

Yes it was rubbish in there when was open but much better place to visit now :)