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Report - Lithuania -Fitness Complex and an old mansion


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Actually nothing special exciting, but perhaps something to look at anyway? We passed these places on a trip to Lithuania this spring.

A bit west of Kaunas in Lithuania, is this building in the middle of a small town. The idea was to build one - "Sveikatingumo kompleksas", which translates to the Recreation and Fitness Complex. (Bathhouse perhaps?)

The architect was Ramunas Kamaitis which designed the administration building at the Ignalina nuclear power plant....

The construction of the Fitness Complex began in 1990, but March 11, 1990 declared Lithuania, as the first of former Soviet republics, its independence, and the construction of the Fitness Complex has since then stand still....





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An old mansion northeast of Vilnius. It is difficult to search for historical facts abroad, but...

I am not a historian / architect, but building style appears to be from the mid-1800s, and historical data indicates that about one of the farm's owners over time, started a brewery in the area, with the older factory buildings in the immediate vicinity.

During Soviet times it seems to have erected additional buildings with finfint "Russia Brick" and the buildings have now, of course, virtually collapsed...

Brewing is abandoned for many years and the different buildings have different owners, were unfortunately not able to get into the former brewery when we asked, people could no English and a happy little dog who kept a watchful eye inside the walls....




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