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Report - Little Chef, Littleton - August 2015


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I must have driven past this place 100's of times, and even enjoyed the odd breakfast when I was growing up. The littleton Little Chef is a small sized restaurant located on a busy road. It has a checkered history, Closing in 2004 and being re opened in 2006 only to re close in 2010. Most of the place has been emptied, there is the odd bit of catering equipment still in place including the pot wash. Also all the menu holders and menus are still inside, it was originally a bungalow and was converted into the restaurant in the mid 70's.


The Littleton branch was a former Little Chef restaurant located on the A51 near Chester, Cheshire.

The Little Chef at Littleton first opened between 1972 and 1976 and was housed in a converted bungalow with a pyramid shaped roof and large windows. The Little Chef was a lone stander with no other facilities to accompany the restaurant. However, the Little Chef was located next to a large population source in the form of Chester and was positioned on a single carriageway road so it should've been easy to access. The Little Chef was reasonably busy and proved to be a fairly successful site.

However in 2004, Permira of Canada decided to sell 131 Little Chef sites around the UK and unfortunately the Little Chef at Littleton was on the closure list. However, good news came in 2006 when The People's Restaurant Group decided to reopen the Little Chef at Littleton. As the Little Chef was still fully furnished, all the restaurant owners had to do was give the interior a lick of paint and all was good.

Sadly, the Little Chef was short lived as after four years since its reopening in 2006, the Little Chef closed once again, but this time forever. The Little Chef closed in 2010 and the site has since remained empty.
Little Chef Wiki: http://littlechef.wikia.com/wiki/Littleton
























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Nice one
Had a humourous trip to an Ex-little chef myself last year


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The only good time to visit a little chef, is when it's closed down
Good stuff dude :thumb


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Past this last week after a part explore of Backford Hall near Chester but decided against it after previous bad experiences at various little chef's. Lol


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Love it mate, always have a bit of a weakness for a derelict Little Chef :D

It looks like it's a been open a bit more recently than 2010 with the contactless payment sign on the door, though

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