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Lead or Rumour info - Little Germany, Bradford

Dieselkid 63

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Hi all,

I've been going through my holiday snaps from July and came across all my Bradford pics. I only had a few hours in the city as the light was fading but managed to have a nice mooch, got shouted at by a man in a blue anorak who said I owed him 20p, and later on bought a takeaway and got something completely different to what I ordered. Anyway, someone might know something about these places in Little Germany.

This place was Cnr Scoresby/Chapel St. The old bit was occupied, the modern bit not.

This was Cnr Upper Park Gate and Burnett St

This was on Hick St

And again. The far right side had a gap of about 1-2ft you could shimmey down if you wanted to.

Big old office block, was and probably still is for sale, Cnr Well St, Vicar Ln and Field St.

Idk if these have been done before, but the little mill on Hick St looked particularly enticing.



Dieselkid 63

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Can't actually tell if Allerton Mills are in use or not (opposite Seabrooks). Like I say, security is ultra tight, and half the site looks live.