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28DL and UE in the News Liverpool Echo goes full retard, posts detailed access instructions


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The Echo is a terrible rag at the best of times, but I think this bit of clickbait fluff is their new low! Some 'urban explorer' gives them a video of the good old Ark Synagogue complete with a huuuugely insightful interview, complete with lovely detailed breakdown of how she got inside.

Speaking to the ECHO, Tracy said: “My point of entry was through the basement - I had to shimmy thorugh a gap in a metal sheet and crept down a ladder which came into a function room.

“It had a big dance floor and a bar but it was pitch black. I was a bit scared then and wondered if anyone was in there. It was in the morning but it was pitch black in the basement.”
Jesus wept.

Why does urbex attract so many utter melvins? For every interesting, detailed report here there's about 40 douchey instagram wankers dangling from cranes and posting hyped-up youtube vids where they pretend to get chased by the police...

(PS: I'm know I'm not what you'd call a hardcore explorer or anything but I'd like to think I've done enough to call bullshit on this kind of douchebaggery)

Bikin Glynn

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Says in the Echo that Tracey had to negotiate an 8ft drop into the basement, its a pity that she didnt land in that big Turd that Paul Powers curled off down there, that would have made a better story for the echo...tracey stinks of shit :D

I just nearly spat my beer out reading that lol


Stay in, save lives.
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People want their 5 minutes of fame and if they think they can get a bit longer they will give all the sordid details.
Journalists are a bunch of clueless gullable nobs at the best of times and themselves always trying to get extra minutes of fame.


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Sadly everything attracts a crazy fringe. These days being a media whore on social media bs is the new whatever. I dunno. There's a big difference between accidentally daft and downright dangerous people wise but sometimes it's the same outcome. Jumping 8ft down a hole poo or no is not always sensible.
Btw the so called newspaper named the Echo in my old home towns (Bournemouth and Poole Dorset) got took over some years back and sacked all the supposed journalists. Last year I was told it's owned and run as the LGOs mouthpiece and I reckon they're right. Food for thought.

Redavni Ecaps

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that tracy seems to have dissapesred off the face of the earth.