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Report (Permission Visit) Liverpool Meat and Fish Market (Sept, 2017)


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The Liverpool Meat and Fish Market (or Stanley Meat Market) is a noticeable building set back from Prescot road.

Shortened history from http://www.liverpoolmeat-fishmarket.co.uk. The site was acquired by Liverpool Corporation in 1901 and the building completed in 1931 and opened by the Earl of Derby. An overhead hanging rail system was used to transfer carcasses quickly from the abattoir to chill rooms in the main building. The abattoir was a separate building which closed in 1971 and now seems to have gone. In 1931 Stanley Market Tenant's included some of the leading banks, dealers in offal and butchers accessories and a cafe and the offices were let to firms connected with various branches of the meat trade. There were meat inspector’s offices, a canteen and a lecture theatre. Animals arrived at the market by rail at Stanley station (now demolished), on foot or by road.

The ground floor is currently occupied by butchers, fish merchants, and rather incongruously, a fitness centre. Having had a peek in earlier I was wondering what the rest of the building contained, so asked if I could look round. They kindly agreed and unlocked several doors. Above the ground floor businesses a large hanger-like space with blue offices.

Inside an office

On through the disused cold store.

Up to the roof and some views, the bottom one showing Newsham Park Orphanage and Anfield stadium on the horizon.

On the way down I noticed the resident security guard.

Unfortunately the tower was out of bounds behind another locked door, but apparently there is not much there apart from pigeon crap, and probably a large water tank judging by the pipework.
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Passed this place..no pun intented loads of times i didn't realise it was empty..well part, i may have to go soon..really nice report, liverpool is without doubt my favourite area for exploring at the moment, i only wish i had more time to get over there..


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It looks a bit battered to me. Did you have to scale any walls. Won't be long until the pikeys are the. So you have to be quick on your eels and get there fast.

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