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Report - Llananno ROC Post - Radnorshire - September 2015


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1991 Closure. The lime green paint has faded badly, and the vents from the main shaft are detached and holding the hatch down. The dome on the vent shaft indicates this post was a master post. An Orlit A stands nearby in good condition. Since previous forum reports in 2007. the hasps have been cut on the hatch.


Downstairs has been stripped to a certain degree. The Scandura flooring has been removed as have the copper earthing straps. Items remaining included: BT Case 200 and wiring, WB1400 Loudspeaker Unit and WB1401 Filter Unit, Small Splint, Local Post Map, BPI Baffle Plates, Key for Aerial Dome, Full Body Splint, and Eye Wash.



Worth a walk up the big hill. :thumb


Krypton :)

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