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Report - - LLanberis Bomb Store- 17th June 07 | Military Sites |

Report - LLanberis Bomb Store- 17th June 07

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Hay all,

What a weekend! Started off going from being with a few friends at a meal to going to meet Bubblehead in the Bullring. From there the rest of Saturday night was just simply amazing, sure to be reported on soon.

Sunday morning we woke up bright and early (well BH did...) so we could be at the bomb store for 12ish, ending up waking up late, and getting to the store for about 1.30pm. We were quite worried when we got what we thought to be close to the store, as we couldn't remember what the place looked like on flash earth! Nor could we explain what looked to be a newly tarred road. Ohwell on we went. After about 5 minutes of trundling around we fount it, what a bloody site! The entire roof of this ex-underground bunker has quite simply been blown off (from what I've been told). Bloody awesome site!


We stumbled (fell) down the side of the very steep entrance and made are way in, and this is what we fount...


Turn 180 degrees from this exact spot and you walk into this tunnel, of course its facing outwards but yeno same effect:


Much of the bomb store was empty, unfortunately, but obviously, still I can always dream :rolleyes:


The view through the store:


Walking through the store Bubblehead stumbled across this and gave me a shout over, must of been used to transport what ever was necessary up and down levels, just one piece of the lift I know but you get the idea:


Right down the back we could hear some water moving at what seemed to be at great flow, turns out it was just an open man hole with the sound increasing in the enclosed surroundings, from the manhole you look straight forward and can see this tunnel which leads out to the quarry:


Through the quarry leads on to another tunnel! Unfortunately I didnt have my waders on me but hay theres always another time:


The trip ended with a slight worry haha as a couple of the local chavs had started a fire at the entrance to the store, they were more startled than we were when they saw us coming out of this place! Comical :D the reason for them actually starting the fire was so they could blow up a can of camping gas :wanker made a loud bang!

Theres more pictures etc but these show the place best IMO. Big thank you to Bubblehead for driving and accommodation! I'm sure I'll be seeing you around alot more in the future! Cheers mate.

Theres more to come from this road trip but thats for another time!

Night all.



you lost the game
28DL Full Member
Re: LLanberis Bomb Store -Report- 17th June 07

An interesting day. May i not eat burger king for another year or so:p
Thought i'd just add a few of my pics here instead of starting a new thread.



Lift machinery


Artwork at end of railway track



Willis, glad you enjoyed it and remember, gail force 3 is f**kin fantastic!