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Report - Llanberis Bomb Store - July 2011


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Visited with Xan, ex0 and Kromax.

Started the day at around 11 after being dropped at Xan's house. Loaded everything into Kromax's car and headed off to Denbigh - our original plan. We made a stop off at the local Tesco, then headed out into the unknown lands!! By the time we got to the slip road for Denbigh, it was raining pretty heavily, so we decided to keep on going. A little later, we arrived at a perfect line between the cloudy and the perfectly sunny. "Waaheeyyyyyy" filled the car.

We arrived at the bomb store and had a little look around the perimeter before heading inside. It was surprising to find during our visit to the store that there were 2 sets of local kids that came in. They all kept themselves to themselves, and we got on with the visit. Later on we tried to find the back entrance (giggity) to the bomb store. Kromax had gone past the corner where we had found a small cave and had simply said "fucking hell" (more of a "FUCKING HELL", I've been told :p). We turned the corner and stumbled on what I can only describe as the most beautiful, tranquil, peaceful and amazing lake I have ever seen. Knowing it was off limits to the public and that we had found it (even though there were other people there near the end of our visit). It was just sheer beauty, clean as can be.

After dwelling there for many hours, we made our way to the pier. We spent a while trying to find a way in, and after seeing what seemed like a good pathway, ex0 threw pine cones at us and so got spotted. We were going to call it a day, but decided to take one last look through a camp site. It took us 20 minutes to get down to the beach, only to find a cycle track and car park right next to the place - whoops! Had a little look around but came to the conclusion that it was getting late, we were all tired and my mum would go ape if I had got back too late.

All in all, it was probably the best day out I've had in a long time, and I certainly cannot wait to revisit at some point.

History is here.

Took my zenit and got some nice looking shots, I think. Film shots marked with "FILM" in the top left. Happy viewing and on with the pics!

Bomb store:


[3 - "Let's 'av a people shot, eh?"]



[6 - Light at the end of the tunnel]

[7 - Yours truly :)]

[8 - Camception]

Quarry and lake:
[9 - On top of the world!]



[12 - A scene of sheer beauty]



[15 - Disbelief?]

[16 - Speechless]

Pier to finish off:
[17 - "Gerrout me bloody shot!!"]

[18 - "Final people shot?"]

Thanks for looking :)


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