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Report - Llanberis Bomb Store - March 2017


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This is our first report (although not our first explore) so please be gentle :)

During the Second World War, high explosive and incendiary bombs were stored in the old quarry, which was chosen because it was accessible by road and railway. Also, its remoteness meant there was a reduced risk to the public if there had been an explosion. Slate waste was spread over the bomb store to camouflage it from German planes.
It’s estimated that the storage area inside the quarry was equivalent to two football pitches. The bombs were unloaded in the reconfigured railway sidings after being brought by train directly from the munitions factories where they were made. In the old slate sheds on the site, women workers filled ammunition belts with rounds of bullets for machine guns.
When an RAF airbase needed ammunition for its planes, an order would be sent through to Glyn Rhonwy and be delivered by road or by rail. After the war, the tens of thousands of tons of armaments that had not been used were moved to a nearby quarry and detonated, resulting in thick black smoke obscuring the mountains. In the 1950s, a lake formed in the hollow left by the earlier quarrying. The water was removed when specialists began, in 1969, the long process of removing the remaining explosives and triggers.

We live very local to this but only became aware of it a fews days ago, so to pass a bit of time went to find it. It was vey easy to find and there was a big hole in the fence so access was pretty easy (just be sure to take care when climbing down as some slate is loose).
We were very happy to find the door open and in we went. Spent quite a bit of time here considering there doesn't seem to be much there. A very interesting place.










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Glad someone has been in again. I note that some very expensive new fencing has been fitted to the upper quarries.


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Nice one, well done for getting out and about!

Could I make a small suggestion of getting slightly better torches for your next explore.


Fear is the little death
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28DL Full Member
You can get a good cheap T6 Cree torch from ebay for about a fiver, or a tenner if you go for the torch, battery and charger combo.

If you want to splash out a bit more you can get a skyray king for about £15 but it comes from China. I have one and they are IMO the best thing bar a proper NItecore!

T6 Cree


Skyray King

Brilliant, thank you

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