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Report - llanberis REF bomb store, Wales, october 2010

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on a recent trip up to Wales with a mate we decided it would be a waste of a trip if we didnt have an explore of some sort. after a quick search we found other reports of the Llanberis bomb depot, it turned out my mates little brother knew where it was. . . . . . .or so he thought. follow the green fence he said, its just behind the green fence he said, so of we went followed a green fence and on the other side was a rather large hole in the ground, we followed several other green fences surrounding various other huge holes in the ground and even an old narrow gauge railway tunnel but no bomb store:banghead numerous phone calls later and we were there:D (yes it was the other side of a fence and yes at some point it may have been green but now it is defiantly not)

there are so many other reports of this place with great history ill just get on with the pics.

the view of the site from the top of the slate slag heap behind the site

just for a sence of scale one of us standing at the far end of the open area

the entrance to the narrow gauge railway tunnel.

a view down the narrow gauge tunnel back filled a short way in.

view down the main line tunnel.

just a little bit of welsh graffiti:thumb

the re enforcing bars in the concrete can claerly be seen where it was cut off after the collapse

various attempts at securing the entrance

gears at the bottom of the lift

brick work with small hourglass shaped pieces to monitor movement at the damaged end of the tunnels.

the natural stream is channelled through the site via underground pipes

the entrance to the maintenance tunnel.

the end of the tunnel possibly another way in if ya wanna go wading.

a bricked up side tunnel.

the only stairs to the upper floor



glass strip glued in to the wall to monitor movement across the crack.

the cracks aross the walls and ceiling had been monitored and dated


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