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Report - - Llanfyllin Union Workhouse - 28/12/06 | Other Sites |

Report - Llanfyllin Union Workhouse - 28/12/06

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Nestled in the grey and somewhat bleak hills of Powys just over the Welsh border lies this little place.

Spotted it from the car on one of my parents thinly veiled excuses to look for country pubs which they call 'walking'. So as they settled down with the locals for pies, ale and thickly accented chat I slipped off.

Built in 1838 to house the county's poor it really hit its 'heyday', if you can call it that, towards the end of the 19th century when the repeal of the corn laws flooded the market with cheap American grain and forced many small farmers out of business.

At its peak it house 250 people and continued to serve this role until the 1930's.

Since then it has been an old peoples home, an outdoor pursuits centre and the venue for a small music festival and, judging by the graffiti, the host of a number of 'shroom parties.

Access was simple and sec almost no existant though it is only a matter of feet from the local police station. Inside its quite hard to get around as a number of floors have gone and some others are clearly not safe.

Most fixtures have gone but there are some things to see. The cellars are pretty interesting and there are some intesting rooms and stairways in the central section.

Oh, and there are bats roosting in the cellars too, ahhh.