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Report - Llanon ROC Post- July- 2019


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Hello all! long time no see, multiple personal issues have prevented me from exploring recently such as exams etc, A little jolt in rochdale in may is long gone in my memory as my last 'proper' explore, i have a few pics of that which i never bothered to upload due to more pressing things at the time, anyway no more rambling (as i always do) and ill get to the post
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Date open: 1959
Date Closed: 1991
It wasn't a master post but survived the original closure of the majority of posts in the 60s

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It wasn't an easy one to get to with the road looking to go next to it on google maps being at the bottom of a near vertical cliff and this at the top we had to walk the long way around go through a very overgrown fence in a hedgerow to then walk to the post from the otherside of the field. the post still had it perimeter fencing with a decent few bits of wire left but nothing difficult.. anyway here are the pics.
IMG_20190730_162515 (1).jpg

sorry your probably as disappointing as i am with the quality getting a new camera soon so proper pics then, anyway thanks for viewing.

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