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Report - Llanwern Steel - Llanwern - 2012


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Llanwern Steel works is an utter monster.

Live till about '01, derped, brought back to life, and finally Mothballed again in early 2012, the workers had not long departed and the electricity and steam circuits were all still live when we hit it back in freezing months early last year. This probably explains the level of security around the place, guarding its millions of quids worth of copper and steel innards with the squillions of cameras and sensors pokered about the place.

I've been sat on this one for a while now waiting to see if anyone else was silly enough to try it and then publish their pictures after the almost inevitable police response that ensues once you step into the main rolling hall. Well, I assume this is where we pushed our luck too far, or just got careless and breezed past one of the PIRs or cameras we assumed looked too old and fucked to be still working.



Of all the steel works I've done, I think this is my favorite, which is why I'm kicking myself that I didn't take any more pictures. The HP steam discharge shooting out from the miles of pipes and tubes, the robot lifts zipping around, and the total lack of any people made it like a set from Aliens in dolby atmos.
Whether there are enough decent shots to warrant a report is debatable, but the heat should be off now and it's better than them festering on my hard drive for eternity. If the others are keen to put their names to one of our nearest misses (and most epic game of metal-gear-solid hide and seek) yet then I'm sure they'll have a few snaps as well.





Have a go if you think you're hard enough! You wont regret it. Probably.


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