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Report - Lluesty Hospital, North Wales, October 2015.


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The History

Holywell Union workhouse was erected in 1838-40 at the south of Holywell and was designed by John Welch. The Poor Law Commissioners authorised an expenditure of £6,200 on its construction which was to accommodate 400 inmates.

The workhouse design followed the popular cruciform or "square" layout with separate accommodation wings for the different classes of inmate (male/female, infirm/able-bodied etc.) radiating from a central hub.
To the rear, a central three-storey range connected to the central supervisory hub who observation windows gave a clear view over all the inmates yards. The main accommodation blocks ran north and south and had cross-wings at each end.

In 1930, the workhouse passed into local council control and became a Public Assistance Institution. In 1948, the former workhouse became part of the National Health Services as Lluesty General Hospital.

In the final years Lluesty was used to provide geriatric care up until its closure in 2008 when the town’s new community hospital opened. In Febuary 2011 it was sold to developers for £275.000. The site is allocated for a development of 70 houses but as the original work houses and chapel are grade II listed, they cannot be demolished.

The Explore

After a long day down in wales with, @Lancashire lad, @CrazyNinjaSquirrel & @godgp78, finished a long day with this.


Just a sign

Think I'm a bit late to visit :(

Lovely doorway

Wonder why the lights don't work :/

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