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Report - Locarno, Mecca ballroom - Blackpool 10/01/2009



My 1st report as such, I've done a few trips to various places before. I do think this is my favorite one however. There was still a lot of very interesting items laying about and the nightclub itself was still in very very good form.

The trip took place during the very early stages of demolition. Unfortunately the Highland room had been stripped and we couldn't really distinguish it from any of the other areas, mainly due to the floor being removed.

There's some history on the venue below, I am way too young to know much about the building and its history but I do know it was a very famous venue for the northern soul crowds and played host to some very famous people.


Here a few pictures from the trip, mostly of the club. I have a few from Premier bowl which was below the club but I don't find them half as interesting.

A flyer for merchandise which no doubt would have still been in the building if we'd have looked hard enough.

This is a staircase going up to what is believed to be the 'concierge' of the night club. There was a seating area, kitchen station and a balcony looking out onto the dancefloor.

A photo from the balcony of the 'concierge' looking out to the dancefloor. Not what you'd regularly see on a dancefloor eh?

From the very top of the building, this was next to a stairwell which led down through the maze of partition walls to he entrance of the club.

The stairway down from the 'concierge' to the main arena of the nightclub.

As you can see, nobody listened to whomever wrote that memo. This was a power source for the blowers to the ballroom/Highland room (which I don't think we ever found).

This was a store room of some form, for the Bowling place though. Lots of smashed bulbs, broken glass and spare bowling shoes.

Thanks for reading :cool:

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