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Report - Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, (Upstream section & P3), Manchester - December 2011


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Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, (Upstream section & P3), Manchester

This has been put off far far too long, so I had this great idea of checking it out today, and then the rain came.. Crack On!....

Divided into 2 sections, (Upper & Lower). Lock Stock is essentially a Victorian sewer relief system, acting as a twin CSO if you like

The setup is quite unique, but in essence provides for an overflow between the Davyhulme Outfall 'A' & 'B' Trunk sewers and outfalls into the Manchester Ship Canal

'Upper Lockstock' consists of an age old Victorian Storm Overflow Chamber for the Davyhulme Outfall 'A' sewer which also passes through here via a 3m RBP which carries some of Manchester's finest rapid flowing nuggets

For a full explanation of the whole system, including 'Lower Lockstock' CHECK THIS

(circa 1920) City Engineers


Blockades in place I set about lifting the most inconvenient manhole in Manchester, and then I shit you not, it started to piss down..

Descending 30ft down the ancient brick shaft via some rather sketch rusting step irons with a shit tonne of storm water off the road running down was pricless :D

(sorry about the shit pics, big crack on filter & the gaff was steamy as fuck)

Once down THIS...

About 20ft down this landing stage/penstock chamber P3


Overlooking the gantry can be seen the Davyhulme 'A' Outfall sewer

This 4m river of shit was overflowing


Upstream overflow chamber

Huge supporting columns with slanted ledges leading to a CSO, beautiful sloping brick floor, smooth curved red brick arches - Yes Please!

I decided it would be a good idea to solo it into the fresh for a close up


Just maybe it wasn't a good idea but this chamber was one big wankfest of Victorian epicness, and I wasn't going home empty handed

With hindsight waders would have been the better option, still nothing more fun than mooching about in p00p :rolleyes:


There are also a number of smaller rusted penstocks once used to relieve the sewer


The discharging sewer heads downstream, passing the 'Cross of Insanitry' through this 3m RBP overflow


Around 200m it joins 'Lower Lockstock', here access is denied as the Davyhulme 'B' Outfall sewer cuts across from left to right through a 4m cast iron pipe,

Below it is a deadly sump which makes traversing further impossible

(Pic taken from last year as it was impossible to walk any further due to the insane flow)


Some Shit Video


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