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Report - London crane, 2010

kevin arnold

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I don't wanna put the name and the location in the thread title because of a bit of weirdness that surrounds this place but if you look at the pictures you can figure out where it is. I've been keeping an eye on this crane for a long time now but it's situated on a very busy street so the opportunity was never there. Recently I decided to get it done already... I reccied it one more time and figured out a different access.

It worked and soon I was inside. ;)


Notice in the staircase. It reminded me of Athena in Stratford. Same problems everywhere.


I got to the roof and there it was.


I didn't take a lot of pictures unfortunately. The crane has some advertisement boards attached to the railings so you have to fully extend the tripod to take pictures. And wind+moving crane+wobbly extended tripod = megablurry pictures. But here's some better ones anyway, enjoy.

The junction of Whitechapel Rd and Commercial Rd.


The City etc...


Looking down on the roof


The big three



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