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Try searching the forums for hospitals and asylums. Shouldn't take long to find a few.


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This thread shouldn’t really be in this section, should really be in the help and advice.

Asking for locations outright doesn’t go well. You’ll equally struggle to get a response with only this thread to your name. Get some reports uploaded and people may be more willing to help you out.

Nevertheless, welcome to the site!

Have a read of the following link to help you get a feel of the site and how things work:

And have a read of this guide to help you posting a report:

There’s tonnes out there, use the search box to your aid and you may even find something in your area!

I look forward to seeing some pictures and reports soon! Just shout if you have any questions!


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Ngl there aren't very many still standing in this area, most have been taken down and replaced with houses or something