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Report - - London Road Fire/Police Station, Manchester - 11/7/07 | Other Sites |

Report - London Road Fire/Police Station, Manchester - 11/7/07

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Having been a fan of this building ever since I first laid eyes on it, I always knew one day I'd get inside for a good poke around. Numerous visits proved fruitless, but I never gave up hope.

Fast forward to the present. Nimble spiderpeople now frequent 28days, previously dismissed accesses suddenly pose little challenge to skinny nutters. Oh happy day, I finally set foot inside the courtyard of one of my favourite structures in the whole of Manchester.

By the time I'd arrived at the prearranged meeting point, I was running a whole 7 minutes late, by which point my rather impatient cohorts had already given up on me and gained access! (don't even try and dispute it people, satnav, radio and phone all said 7-8 minutes past the hour :p ).

Long story short, Scott guides me in and I meet up with the rest of the group. Scott then does his best to herd myself, Snappel, BenWRX and Spook around whilst simultaneously managing to drive Cass round the bend.

Whilst we were ultimately unsuccessful in gaining access to the Coroners Court, we saw a good wodge of cool stuff in there, plus what appears to be several B&Q's worth of wallpaper rolls. Oh, and we also got in touch with Spooks gay side :gay

A bit of history unashamedly nicked from Wikipedia

London Road Fire Station is a former fire station, police station and coroner's court, in Manchester, England. Designed and built by Woodhouse, Willoughby & Langham from 1904-1906, for the first half of the 20th Century it was the home of the Manchester Fire Brigade.

Built of red brick and terracotta by Burmantofts it is now a Grade II* listed building in the Whitworth Street conservation area. Since 2001 the building has been listed as “at risk” by English Heritage. In February 2006 a private company called Argent, developers of nearby Piccadilly, published plans to transform the 100,000 sq ft of usable space in the building into a music and arts venue. There would be a 100-bed hotel and a mix of other uses each taking up about 5-10,000 sq ft: recording studios, private club, music academy and archive. The city council has since backed the plans. The building's owner, hotelier Alex Langsam, has proposed to revamp the landmark to include an hotel, offices for his company and a fire station museum. A stand off, almost certainly ending in a compulsory purchase order, now seems likely.

And now a few shots of the place. I can see a load of pics coming out of this place in the near future, so I've made a point of giving some of them something a bit different. And to be fair I can't really do the place justice in a couple of hours, so another visit is definately on the cards.


View from the tower. Thats Piccadilly Station on the left, and whats left of Mayfield Station on the right.





Some of the tiling in this place is sweet. I reckon its gonna get Dweeb all sweaty....




One of the cells. Certainly a highlight for me.


Looking up one of the Firemans Pole hatches.