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Report - London Road - St Albans - May 2019


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Struggling to find a whole lot of details for these but thought them worth popping up here anyway. These two detached houses are set back a short way from the road and whilst both are empty, it would appear one became so earlier than the other. There is quite a patch of land to the rear of the properties and as usual in an area like this, developers have been sinking in their teeth with an eye to demolition and filling the space. The most recent sales recorded for the buildings give them a combined value of almost £5 million.

The explore

Visited these with the wife on a pleasant Sunday morning after another local explore failed to pay off. Initially we weren't too excited but it actually turned out to be a decent visit with far more to see than expected.

The two house are quite markedly different. One is almost totally empty and has some of the most post-apocalyptic attempts at security I have encountered. We went in but, other than some smelly sheets there was nothing to see.

By contrast, the second is a bit of a delight. It has been trashed and smashed but a surprising variety of possessions remain in place and intact. One of the residents was clearly quite involved with cars, with parts strewn around both inside and out. On top of this there were pictures, postcards and all sorts of other bits to garner interest during our morning mooch.

All in all, a nice way to spend an hour or so and we left happy enough. I suspect that is enough waffle from me, so on to the pictures...

The first house, I promise it's in there somewhere.


And these horrible boards, which were on almost every door/window.



Then the second house which was far nicer, if a bit of an unusual design.














Part way up the stairs, you can just spy the garage outside. Not much in there other than an old car door.









Nice, if odd, corner window in here.


Who needs that many gaskets?



And we're done. Thanks for looking and hope you enjoyed. I'll leave you with this, which was on the ground by the back door.


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Nice one this. looks like they are in a very nice location for the families that once lived there. That second house is a little gem. Things from yesteryear, I always find it strange when a house is left with such an amount of things left behind. Sad really. But I have a personal experience of why this may be the case, my uncles house was left empty after his death, my nan his only surviving next of kin was too fragile herself to do anything, and even struggled to remember his address, as such by the time we went inside, the place had been looted. I always think its a thin line between abandoned and unoccupied.

So I do find these interesting, yet sad as well.

Cracking photos, and a nice report :thumb:thumb


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Well covered. I'd love the second one as a fixer-upper.

The second one was built around 1890-1900 and was first occupied by Cyril Dumpleton J.P., M.P.

They both appear on a 2009 council list of development opportunities so may have been unoccupied since then.

Planning was granted in 2012 and amended in 2015 for “Demolition of two existing dwellings and erection of five, two storey detached dwellings with garages and associated access and landscaping”
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Thanks all for the comments.

@Calamity Jane I'm sorry to hear of your experience, guess that gives you a wider perspective on this sort of thing.

@Gasman no alarms bud. Looks like the local kids have been using on of the upstairs rooms as a chill out spot. Much tea light and cheap lager action. Guess any alarms are well done now.

@Yorrick Thanks for the info, I'd seen some bits about development but clearly didn't look hard enough. There were home made jams in the larder with labels dated 2009 so the council clearly listed it very quickly after it becoming vacant.

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It’s a beauty that place but hat to say it I would get in there quick because t will b trashed in no time!


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@Bikin Glynn To be fair mate, the place is fair trashed already. All doors and windows on the ground floor are smashed and when we got there we found a pile of things by the fence that someone had clearly lined up to pinch.

@Jane Doe Thank you!

@Gorgi Most of my skills could do with vast improvement to be fair haha.

@Yorrick On form as always sir ;)


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Looks like a lot has been moved around. Was amazed to find mains electric powering the alarm after it went off :D


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@Els inevitable I suppose and certainly no power now, which I am thankful for - bloody hate alarms.

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@Bikin Glynn To be fair mate, the place is fair trashed already. All doors and windows on the ground floor are smashed and when we got there we found a pile of things by the fence that someone had clearly lined up to pinch.

That just sucks! Is the old alfa grill still in there or has that gone already?

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