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Report - London Wall Place Crane, Central London [October 2015]


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Good thing i remembered about this one before it turns to dust in my hard-drive. A seemly impossible one to crack when seen from the outside due to the tonne loads of security cameras and turning circular CCTV. For it is either a hit or miss place, @dus.ta and I contemplated for ages due to the difficulty that it could ensue.

A little bit of lens flare won’t hurt much.

To be built on 500,000 square feet of land, two office buildings will be constructed followed by a public realm of greenery landscape. In detail, the London Wall Place renovation will be designed so that much of its enclosure can be dedicated to the ancient Roman city wall that resided along London Wall street and St Alphage Church Tower.

A historical wall that was constructed during the late 2nd century as a defensive division between the former City of London and Greater London. Its development ran until the end of the 4th century, becoming possibly one of the last Roman project before their departure from Britain in 410. Although for reasons unknown, its construction may be for protection of the capital during a power struggle in the 190s, or the invasion of Northern London in the 180s by the Picts who managed to override Hadrian’s Wall.

Why do i even need to write this- Once completed, the wall was 3.2 kilometres around and enclosed 330 acres of land. Following re-enforcement, the height of the wall was 20 feet high and around 8 feet wide. Its material consisted of 85,000 tonnes of stone that would require 1,300 Journeys to transport its net weight from Kent.

Nowadays, fragments of the London Wall can be seen around the City of London, with London Wall Road being named after the structure that was once parallel to it.

It was quite tricky to do. We had to make a huge detour just for the sake of reaching the top of the tower and entering the crane in one piece. As it was late at night, we decided to give this one a go before heading off.


Upon entering the main concrete building, where a flight of metal stairs lead us up to the top.


Almost at the top...

Looking towards cheese grater and Gerkin.

Comfy seat :)

Looking down from the cockpit.

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