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Report - Long Marston Airfield, March 2011


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A trip to the so called 'The Jet Aviation Preservation Group'
They don't seem to be preserving much too well in my eyes.

I'm gutted that unfortunately i never managed to get here before most of the planes disappeared. However, what is still there is still amazing - amplified even more so by the lighting and weather conditions of my two visits. This report spans two seperate trips within the space of about two weeks; with one of them marking the night of the 'super moon'.

Here's an article that i found that someone has written on the museum.

Dave Eade reflects on some differing standards near Warwick

While a visit to the Midlands Air Museum is to be thoroughly recommended, it is sad, then, to report of our brief foray to the Jet Aviation Preservation Group collection at Long Marston.

Here on the edge of an airfield devoted today almost entirely to microlight flying sits the collection, fenced off from a space apparently dedicated to a regularly held local car-boot type of sale. The fence, as well as preventing vandalism has served to catch a vast amount of flying litter and one had the feeling the nobody had been here in a while.

Easily seen from outside is a collection of very scruffy remnants that, let's say, have seen better days and deserve a better fate - even if that is the dignity of a scrapman's axe. This is a collection that has visibly failed in its intention - comparing more with a scrapyard of Coventry than the Museum.

Not far from Long Marston is the airfield of Wellesbourne Mountford where the XM655 Group keep their Vulcan B2. Surrounded by enthusiastic workers who regularly spend free time keeping her ticking, we were soon hearing of the taxi-runs planned for the year. A superb Vampire T11 (XK590) and Provost (WV679) are also to be found by the gate to the airfield - along with the front fuselages of Sea Vixen XJ575 and Vulcan B1 XA903 - restoring our faith that day in the preservation business.
The Shackleton in a much better condition than now:


If you're into night photography then i highly recommend this site. I was spoilt for possibilities, angles & ideas. Great two nights :thumb

On with the pictures =]






We found this jeep in the shed up on jacks which was fairly bizarre.





The Shackleton


All in all, it was a great explore and amazing lighting conditions to go with it. Nothing beats chilling in the moonlight while watching the stars spin.


Peace! :thumb


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