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Report - Long Marston Airfield-May 2019


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During the war years Long Marston Airfield became the home to hundreds of Royal Air Force servicemen who operated the RAF’s Group of Ferry Commands in 1941. The RAF also provided training flights and missions to Gibraltar and the Middle East before the mighty twin engine Wellington Bombers (otherwise known as the flying coffins) started pounding the runways in 1942.

Legendary aircraft such as Beauforts, Doninies, Hudson's, Bristol Bombay's, and the American built Marylands also flew missions from the Warwickshire RAF station. Some missions were a success, others were not so lucky.

The station closed in 1954 and was being used by various different businesses including a flying school, clay shooting club and is the home of the Shakespeare County Raceway dragstrip which too seem to have abandoned.

when we visited we looked around the site and enjoyed the planes, when we walked further in we noticed a load of buildings and caravans some damaged and some intact. there was loads of old smashed cars, gliders and even car parts.
we came across a two story house which was wide open so decided to have an explore. literally there was boxes and boxes of invoices unfortunately at this time I was unable to get photos as camera started to play up but will be going back at some point as its amazing. on the top floor is literally a bar!!






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